The Global School of Diplomacy proposes a disruptive digital methodology built on the Smart-Learning Model, which is fully compatible with the professional responsibilities of all participants.

DiploAcademy designs advanced programs based on a deep executive perspective. It combines case-study methodologies with the use of learning-by-doing tools to simulate real-world scenarios.
The Global School of Diplomacy helps you to face international challenges as a global manager.
All programs provide high-impact experiences. They are designed as a transformative learning journey to broaden your perspective and prepare you for the role of an International Manager.
Online resources and solid academic fundamentals are combined to deploy executive training where practitioners face real cases and discuss challenging issues.

How to study at DiploAcademy

The Global School of Diplomacy is deeply committed to a smart methodology focused on providing both impact and high-standard programs for students.
The Smart Learning Model is a groundbreaking pedagogical method, 100% online, and based on the Learning by Doing approach with a strong sense of applicability. Students dive into a practical learning experience where soft skills and knowledge are applied to get results. All programs are challenging, creative and practical experiences.
At The Global School of Diplomacy, we are committed to a flexible and friendly online methodology. All programs combine online and streaming sessions and active methodologies: practical activities, case methods, simulations, problem-based learning, discussion forums, etc.

The main pillars of our groundbreaking methodology are:

The Smart Learning Model allows you to integrate high-level studies with your lifestyle
Online Lectures and Seminars that can be attended live or enjoyed by viewing the recorded version at any time as often as needed
Multimedia Learning Resources for quick and effective learning
Networking and fluid communication between students and academics
Real Cases, Capstone projects and challenging Problem-Solving activities

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