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    The Global Outlook for International Managers

    The Master of International Relations and Diplomacy -DIPLO is a challenging program designed with the firm intention to make a high-impact experience for international managers and diplomacy scholars.
    States and Global organizations conduct their affairs with other international actors through diplomacy to ensure their national interests. Through the program, participants analyze critically how decision-makers, state leaders, and bureaucrats make foreign policy decisions that directly affect the diplomatic process.
    The Master of International Relations and Diplomacy embraces a unique executive-based approach to International Relations Studies. The DIPLO Executive Program framework sets six stimulating modules to deal with practical issues and tackle valid methods to solve international cases. The program offers a combination of cutting-edge theories of diplomacy, global leadership, and international practice.
    This framework lets students improve their capacity to critically evaluate foreign policies and international strategies. Participants will acquire the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to tackle regional and cross-cultural challenges.
    The Degree is fully compatible with professional responsibilities because of the implementation of the Smart-Learning Model – 100% online.
      Global Challenges
      International Organizations
      Introduction to Diplomacy
      Managing Diplomacy
      Advanced Diplomacy: The future of World Order
      Leadership and Soft Skills
      Negotiation and Communication
      Economy and Trade
      International Business Management
      International Public Law
      Practice in Conflict Resolution
      Country Risk Analysis
      Strategic Thinking for International Relations

    Admission and Enrolment

    Our admission process consists of a rigorous evaluation of each application to preserve the quality of the group, the learning experience, and the work capacity of all participants.

    The main pillars of our groundbreaking methodology are:

    The Smart Learning Model allows you to integrate high-level studies with your lifestyle
    Online Lectures and Seminars that can be attended live or enjoyed by viewing the recorded version at any time
    Multimedia Learning Resources for quick and effective learning
    Networking and fluid communication between students and academics
    Real Cases, Capstone projects and challenging Problem-Solving activities
    1.Smart Learning Model
    El Máster en Relaciones Internacionales y Diplomacia -DIPLO es un programa desafiante, diseñado con la firme intención de ofrecer una experiencia de alto impacto para managers internacionales y estudiantes que quieran especializarse en Diplomacia y Asuntos Internacionales.
    La versión española del Máster presenta las mismas características que la edición en inglés, con los mismos estándares de calidad y resultados académicos. Se trata de un título de formación superior que proporciona un alto nivel de especialización en diplomacia y relaciones internacionales.
    El Máster en Relaciones Internacionales y Diplomacia adopta un enfoque ejecutivo único y totalmente disruptivo. Está diseñado para que el participante pueda trabajar tanto habilidades ejecutivas como análisis en profundidad de la complejidad internacional.
    El programa se desarrolla totalmente online y es totalmente compatible con las responsabilidades profesionales y académicas de los participantes gracias a la implantación de una metodología basada en el Smart-Learning Model.

    Why a Master's Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy?

    You will learn to apply real-world solutions and practices through an executive program committed to hands-on problem-solving
    Propel your career forward, analyze complex issues and build a network with international professionals with a comprehensive diplomatic experience
    Execute high-level strategies and projects as a global manager for private companies or international institutions
    Join the diplomatic corps in your country with a solid theoretical and practical background
    Improve your skills in international leadership with a global perspective
    The best training for international selection procedures and candidatures for diplomatic corps or multilateral institutions

    Key Details

    • Duration: 9 Months
    • Mode: Online
    • Language: English
    • Intakes: Oct. 2022 / Feb. 2023
    • Nationalities: Participants from all over the world
    • Certifications (optional), 10% off: CPD, CIPM
    • Title: Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy

    9-month Program Structure

    In which sector do students work?

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