Executive Program in Global Intelligence and Security

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    Make strategic decisions and analyze global security threats

    International security threats and globalized terrorism require advanced intelligence units to examine, evaluate and make decisions with a direct impact on homeland security, multilateral coalitions, and international organizations. International security studies tackle geopolitical issues, national defense strategies, conflict resolution measures, and analyzing defense policies. Intelligence empowers global security strategies by adding qualified information for management and making decisions in today’s uncertain world.
    The Executive Program in Global Intelligence and Security offers a cutting-edge specialization for those managers and decision-makers who seek to build a set of in-demand skills through an applied program.
    A global perspective for intelligence delves into a substantial range of issues surrounding transnational terrorism, digital espionage, interstate power balances, economic threats, misinformation, and international organized crime.
    The program executive framework provides an advanced understanding of strategic intelligence analysis and current security threats by applying case studies, simulations, and practical knowledge for real problem-solving.
    The Executive Program in Global Intelligence and Security is fully compatible with professional responsibilities because of the implementation of the Smart-Learning Model – 100% online.
      Geopolitics and Geostrategy
      Managing Intelligence
      Terrorism and Counterterrorism
      International Economics and money laundering
    Big Data and Statistics for decision making
    Disinformation and fake news

    Admission and Enrolment

    Our admission process consists of a rigorous evaluation of each application to preserve the quality of the group, the learning experience, and the work capacity of all participants.

    The main pillars of our groundbreaking methodology are:

    The Smart Learning Model allows you to integrate high-level studies with your lifestyle
    Online Lectures and Seminars that can be attended live or enjoyed by viewing the recorded version at any time
    Multimedia Learning Resources for quick and effective learning
    Networking and fluid communication between students and academics
    Real Cases, Capstone projects and challenging Problem-Solving activities
    1.Smart Learning Model

    Why an Executive Program in Global Intelligence and Security?

    You will run international development projects as a team leader by coordinating a wide range of resources and multilateral organizations
    Improve your skills in international leadership with a global perspective and work as a highly trained professional in project management.
     Align your professional skills with your values
    Execute effective solutions for security issues and promote areas for social prosperity
    Join institutional corps for international intelligence and get involved in global missions
    Analysis and information are the keys to success. Organizations need to plan for long-term success and they need managers with strong vision and capabilities

    Key Details

    • Duration: 5 Months
    • Mode: Online
    • Language: English
    • Program start: Feb. 2023
    • Nationalities: Participants from all over the world
    • Certification (optional), 10% off: CIA
    • Title: Executive Program in Global Intelligence and Security

    5-month Program Structure

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