The structure of The Global School of Diplomacy provides an opportunity to reach a wide range of specialized studies, international researchers and outstanding academics. All scopes of diplomatic and international studies are represented by 6 Academic Departments, bringing innovative approaches to research and designing world-class programs.

Diplomacy Institute

Strategic connections and solid relationship frames are essential for institutions in an increasingly complex global society. Diplomats need strong negotiation skills to promote and strengthen national interests. They must be able to work with people from other cultures with different values and political beliefs.

Programs: Master in Diplomacy and public management
Areas of expertise: structures of diplomacy, international relations, negotiation, international strategies, soft power, diplomatic protocol.


International Law and Public Administration

The global order is shaped by a diverse structure of public institutions, regional actors, and governments. The Department focuses on the legal framework that underlies international practices. Furthermore, this area covers the study of public management, intending to analyze the most effective processes that reveal successful structures of government.

Programs: International organization and UN studies
Areas of expertise: public international law, international organizations, the UN system, conflict resolution


Sociology and Communication

Communication and Sociology are solid academic perspectives to study the current changing world. The digital transformation of business and public institutions, or even digital diplomacy, are good examples of what is called the revolution of international affairs. International public opinion is a powerful flow of consequences and trends.

Areas of expertise: international communication, sociology of culture, cross-cultural organizations, regional studies, international public opinion, global policies, lobby, national identity and reputation


International Business

The Department of International Business is committed to exploring the connexion between management and globalization. International managers lead key business areas and understand how they operate in a global context.

Programs: International Business
Areas of expertise: strategic management, internationalization, import-export, negotiation, international markets


Economics and Development Studies

The Department analyses socio-economics factors for business development and sustainability in a changing world. It deploys tools like data analytics, modeling and macroeconomic frames to understand the evolution of society and global markets.

Programs: International Data Analytics
Areas of expertise: macroeconomy, data analytics, free markets, development, economic diplomacy, poverty


Foreign Languages

The Department of Foreign Languages is fully dedicated to the study of English and Spanish languages. Mastering a foreign language gives you an edge in the global community. Explore our Foreign Language programs to find one best suited for your career objective.

Programs: Spanish for Diplomats; English for International Relations
Areas of expertise: foreign languages, culture management, communication, cultural diplomacy, negotiation


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