Connecting people around the world

Networking and communication acquire a new dimension at DiploAcaemy. We are a global-specialized community that helps to expand your professional network and keep in touch with people with the same interest.
The Global School of Diplomacy offers an exclusive forum, the core of DiploAcademy. A global network for researchers, international officials, public servants and global partners.

The Diplomacy Club is a Hub for DiploAcademy´s community where ideas and creativity flow to generate new projects and partnership arrangements.

The Diplomacy Club is not just a laboratory to test ideas. It’s a meeting point for professionals and academics to share views and generate true impact under an international focus.

This is your Professional Society

The Diplomacy Club celebrates exclusive seminars, meetings, and workshops, online and in-person. All in-person activities are previously scheduled. They take place regularly in different countries around the world. Sessions would be streamed online for Club members.

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