The Global School of Diplomacy has outstanding international references. They inspire and encourage us to keep working on high-impact programs.
Our distinguished international colleagues represent this institution like real Ambassadors. They are closely linked to DiploAcademy’s spirit and values.
The DiploAcademy’s Ambassadors Initiative appreciates both the social impact and the brilliant professional career of those inspiring people.
Both DiploAcademy and their Ambassadors have settled mutual recognition and confidence. Our Ambassadors also take an active part in The Diplomacy Club. They are implicated in the current affairs of DiploAcademy as any other member, even being part of the Faculty.
Furthermore, our Ambassadors are involved in research and academic activities by editing and releasing papers for congress and renowned public institutions.
If you share our inspirational values and you feel linked by close interests in Global Affairs, no doubt, this is your Professional Club.

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