The Global School of Diplomacy is a private, non-partisan academic institution highly specialized in Diplomacy and International Management. As a Global School, DiploAcademy is deeply committed to strengthening international executive skills by providing the highest standard of education to leverage leaders in a global society.

DiploAcademy is the only 100% online School of Diplomacy and International Affairs and leads the digital transformation of higher specialized education. Digitalization boosts social progress and opportunities and provides international specialists with a wide range of global possibilities.
The Global School of Diplomacy dives into the complex issues surrounding cross-cultural management, international administration, top diplomacy, conflict resolution, lobbying, place-branding, and global economic challenges.
DiploAcademy reflects on the main actors of international relations, their strategies, and the most relevant policies. But also, The School undertakes a social dimension where culture and communication are high-impact areas for international affairs.

We are more than a Diplomatic Academy. We are Global

DiploAcademy is a Global Institution. Undertaking the development of a sustainable society through applied knowledge, critical thinking, research, and high-quality education for participants from all over the world.

This is the place where tradition meets the future

Developed for professionals seeking to enhance their skills in a flexible digital format, this is the only Global and Online Diplomatic Academy. These special features allow us to reach leaders across the world.
The institution aims at providing an environment for excellence and global leadership. DiploAcademy wants you to be part of the change through social responsibility and a strong work ethic.
The Global School of Diplomacy is developed as a first-rated Academy, which means bringing back the cultural heritage of Platonic Academy, the cradle of knowledge. The Academy embraces the noble idea of those qualified students who conceive knowledge as the pillar of society. This is the right place for scientific conversation and deep discussion.

Digital diplomacy for exclusive world-class training

The Global School of Diplomacy is making history by using Digital Diplomacy to keep in touch with leading practitioners and academics around the world. This means that we are developing the right atmosphere to attract talent with capabilities to undertake significant responsibilities in effectively managing international issues.
We are living in a challenging world where international leaders need the right tools to make an impact and set up powerful insights. In that sense, The Global School of Diplomacy relies on both a qualified global faculty and the potentiality of new technologies.
The Diplomatic Academy is committed to breaking down traditional barriers to international higher education because of the perfect combination of international experienced managers, solid academic partners, a cross-cultural vision, and the possibilities of new technologies to bring you the best experience on high-level education.

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