Seminars & Conferences

Seminar-style short courses in a huge variety of topics with a critical perspective. Global events to share academic reflections, professional insights and advances in international affairs

Executive Programs

Highly specialized programs designed to foster strong analysis, international management skills, and professional success. The executive background provides you with a transformational career impact

Master's Degrees

Boost your career or start a new international one with exclusive programs to shape individuals into global leaders by taking your knowledge, expertise and skills to the next level

Smart-Learning Model

Global Technology for International Audiences and Groundbreaking Methodologies

" This is the place where tradition meets the future to provide a supportive environment for excellence and global leadership "

Think bigger, go further

DiploAcademy is more than a School of Diplomacy. It’s a Community based on Excellence in Education, Research, and Public Service

" The Global School of Diplomacy is deeply committed to social impact through a human-centric approach with a strong emphasis on personal integrity, leadership, and respect for diversity "

Your School of Diplomacy

An international career starts by choosing the right program at the right place. That means learning as much about the program experience as the School of Diplomacy itself.

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